The start of construction is auspicious ▏ lion dance presents auspiciousness, and a new journey begins in the year of the tiger!

Spring is getting better in spring, and the tiger is full of power. On the eighth day of the first lunar month, along with the warm sun and green days of spring, the Zhurun family returned smoothly. In the lively and festive sound of blessings, they jointly welcomed the start of construction of the Zhurun Group in 2022!

flag raising ceremony

On the first day of work after the Spring Festival, Zhurun Group kicked off the work with a solemn flag-raising ceremony.

At 8:00 a.m., “the national flag is raised, the national anthem is played…” Accompanied by the majestic national anthem, the bright red five-star red flag was slowly raised and fluttered in the wind. All the employees of Zhurun Group lined up neatly, full of energy, serious expressions and high spirits, and solemnly paid attention to the national flag and expressed their lofty respect to the solemn national flag.

Lion Dance

After the flag-raising ceremony, Yang Qian, chairman of Zhurun ​Group, delivered a speech and announced that Zhurun Group will start construction in 2022.

Afterwards, the gongs and drums were loud, the lions danced happily, the leaders made their eyes, the lions vomited couplets, and the lions were prosperous to worship the door, spreading auspiciousness and good luck to every corner of the group!

Finally, Huang Bailin, president of Zhurun Group, delivered a speech on behalf of the new management. He said that the new leadership would adhere to the leadership of the group’s board of directors, keep in mind the mission, fulfill its duties, and be brave to take on responsibilities, and make every effort to promote the healthy development of the group’s various undertakings. At the same time, it is hoped that in the new year, all employees will be able to unify their thoughts, raise awareness, boost their spirits, be motivated, take the initiative to seek new development, and achieve new progress and new leaps for the group in 2022 according to the strategic needs of the group’s development.

In 2022, let us carry our dreams, move towards our goals, continue the full spirit and enthusiasm brought to us by the Lion Dance Team, move forward bravely, gallop all the way, and write a wonderful new year for Zhurun Group!











Post time: Mar-02-2022