The 2019 annual training exchange meeting for beer franchisees ended successfully

On November 6th, the tense and interesting 2019 annual training session for brewer franchisees ended successfully in everyone's reluctance. During the two-day training exchange meeting, everyone jointly visited the brewer's technology production base, the brewer's brewing equipment, the brewer's wine raw materials exhibition hall, the brewer's franchise store operation and event planning training, beer basic knowledge training, brewer fine Items such as the appraisal activity of brewed fresh beer, the authorization ceremony of outstanding franchisees, etc. Finally, there is a special guest of our company-Mr. Wang Aizhong of Oum Group to explain the basic knowledge of malt: Wenxiang knows malt; Teacher Liu Guangxin of Angel Group explains the application of beer yeast; Teacher Hong Yutao of Bad Haas Group explains the development of hop History and category. In just two days, high-quality and high-density course training has benefited every franchisee participating in this exchange meeting.


After the training exchange meeting, the participating franchisees not only strengthened their profound theoretical knowledge, but also learned a certain beer sensory evaluation, physical and chemical analysis and other knowledge to help ensure that beer quality is more stable and consistent in future production. Thanks to all the teachers in the training for their simplicity and simplicity, to help the franchisees quickly master the "knowledge" of beer brewing. Finally, I wish all franchisees can learn what they have gained, what they have accomplished, and what they have learned. Business is getting more and more prosperous, and career is getting stronger and stronger!

Post time: Apr-20-2020