Diligent study and hard training, ingenuity and build dreams | Our company Henan Pijiang Technology Development Co.,Ltd holds 2022 welding skills competition.

In order to improve employees' enthusiasm for learning and cultivate high-skilled welding talents, Our company Beer Equipment Production Group organized a argon arc welding skills test for new employees in  February 14. 2022

At the competition site, arcs were shining and welding splashes were flying. The contestants held protective masks and carried out grinding and welding in an orderly manner with a calm mind and skilled skills, showing a good spirit and solid technical level.

The judges will judge the competition according to the criteria of the surface finish of the welding joint, the welding joint book, and whether the welding seam has slag inclusions, pores, penetration, fusion, dents, etc.

After the game, Wang Gongxi, the production manager, made a summary of the exam, encouraged everyone to improve their skills, and created a corporate culture atmosphere of comparing, learning, rushing, helping, and surpassing. Grow your company to grow faster and better.

In this argon arc welding test, all the contestants showed their style and level. At the same time, they also provided an opportunity for employees to learn and communicate with each other, which further improved the professional and technical level of argon arc welders and provided a solid foundation for the future. A solid foundation has been laid for the work to be carried out.

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Post time: Mar-02-2022