Attractive women, happy women

On the occasion of the 112th International “March 8th” Women’s Day, Zhurun Group organized a series of celebration activities to send sincere wishes and best wishes for the festival to female employees. It is hoped that they will continue to play the role of “half the sky” and contribute “women” to the economic and social development of the group.
In order to welcome the “March 8th” International Goddess Day, Zhurun Group has prepared different surprises and beautiful holiday blessings for all the goddesses. At noon on March 8, 2022, a “Goddess Festival” condolences to female employees will be held in front of the administrative building.
On the day of the event, all female employees stood in line, managers and above leaders presented a bouquet of flowers to the female employees, and the host specially invited several attractive women to interact and share.
In this event, the gifts prepared by Zhurun Group for all goddesses are: a set of 100-year-old hair conditioner, a barrel of beer, a barrel of super laundry detergent, a roll of paper, and a bunch of gypsophila.
Through the holding of this event, not only the employees who have been working in the front line for a long time have been adjusted physically and mentally, and the tense working atmosphere has been relieved, but also the good atmosphere of “happy work and happy life” has been fully reflected.

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Post time: Mar-09-2022