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High definition Stainless Steel Beer Fermenter Tank - Fermenting system equipment – Pijiang


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Fermenter Technical Parameters
Model Capacity(L) Diameter(cm) Height(cm)
7BBL 1113 100 125
10BBL 1590 115 125
15BBL 2385 125 168
20BBL 3180 140 170
30BBL 4770 165 185
40BBL 6360 175 205
50BBL 7950 175 275
60BBL 9540 185 280
80BBL 12720 210 290
100BBL 15900 220 335

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The fermenting system is consists of fermentation tank and bright beer tank. According to the production scale and requested output of beer, equipped the quantity and capacity of tanks.
The fermentation tank is to provide a suitable environment for maltose to be converted into alcohos after the wort is cooled and inoculated with yeast. The fermentation tank is equipped with top butterfly head,built-in miller plate jacketed/CIP spraying ball/sampling valve/liquid level meter/beer outlet and sewage outlet,water-sealed mechanical pressure regulating valve/titanium rod inflating port and other supporting valves. With polyurethane insulation to ensure that the fermenting temperature is kept at a low. Equipped with PT100 temperature sensor, with PLC auto-control system.

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