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It will be the brews capacity that determines the output of beer.According to the production efficiency and scale to choose different combinations.
The brewhouse system could be included two-vessels,two-vessels&HWT,three-vessels and four-vessels brewhouse.
For hotels,home or dinning, use the two vessels brewhouse.For micro brewery can choose thress-vessels.The capacity is bigger,the vessels is more and the working efficiency is high.
The brewhouse system is highly automated, easy to operate and easy to learn due to its more reasonable design.The main equipment consists of mash tun,lauter tank,boiling kettle, whirlpool tank,and yeast adding tank /plate heat exchanger. All the main raw material of tanks use international quality standards of sanitary 304 stainless steel, and the inside adopts the Miller plate jacketed process to achieve maximum heat conduction, and 80-100mm polyurethane material is used for thermal insulation to effectively prevent the leakage of thermal energy in the tank.
The heating method, you can choose steam heating,electric heating, and aslo can be specified.


Different combinations
2 Vessels:
Mash/Brew kettle/whirlpool tank+ Lauter tun ”
“Applicable Industries: Hotel/Home/Dinning
1.Small area covered by equipment
2. Low investment
3. Simple operation
4.High utilization rate of equipment ”

Different combinations
3 Vessels:
Mash/lauter tun+Brew kettle/whirlpool tank+ Hot liquor tank”
“Applicable Industries: Bar/Pub
1.High output,High efficiency
2.high automated
3.Low cost of brewing
4.High utilization rate of equipment ”


Combined 3 Vessels:
1.Mash/lauter tun+ brew kettle +whirlpool tank
2.Mash tun+ lauter tank + brewkettle/whirlpool tank
3.Mash/brewkettle+lauter tun+whirlpool tank”
Applicable Industries: Micro brewery
1. Different combined,can add a tank to four vessels
2. More brews,high efficiency
3. Small in height of equipment”

4 Vessels:
Mash tank +lauter tun + brew kettle+whirlpool tank
Applicable Industries: Large brewery
Capacity: 15bbl-50bbl
1.Suitable for batch beer brewing
2. Production line,High utilization rate of equipment
3.More brews,high efficiency
4. Add a storage wort tank,to improve efficiency and reduce time.”


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