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Making a bar or brewpub part of your brewery is a great idea. You can appeal directly to customers, sell beer to the public at better profit margins and create a reputation as a cool place to be. Naturally there is more overhead expense with having an attached bar or brewpub, but your increased revenues and profit margins will help to offset this.

Most installation in restaurants, bars and hotels used microbrewery with a capacity from 1 bbl to 8bbl. Also, the microbrewery is placed behind a glass partition that allows visitors to observe the process of making beer. This is an excellent design solution interior and a powerful marketing tool.

Production capacity 1BBL/day 2BBL/day 3BBL/day 4BBL/day 5BBL/day
Occupied area 12m2 20㎡ 20㎡ 25㎡ 25㎡
Power 10kw 15KW 20KW 20KW 20KW
Steam load 0.05T/H 0.1T/H 0.1T/H 0.1T/H 0.15T/H
Water consumption 0.5m³/d 0.8m³/d 1m³/d 1.5m³/d 1.5m³/d
Tank diameter  Customized
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